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  • Mining Engineer
    Job Role: Years of Experiance: Location:
    Ref: JB 198204     Date Posted: 2016-06-29
    Involved at all stages of a project. 
    Ensures the safe and efficient development of surface and underground operations and the surrounding environment. 
    Technical knowledge and management skills.
    Assesses its viability and assists with planning the mine's structure.
    Manages and oversees mining production processes. 
    Maintenance of long and short term mine plans, mine designs and input into geological efforts as appropriate.
    Involved in the final closure and rehabilitation process.
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  • Geological Engineer
    Job Role: Years of Experiance: Location:
    Ref: JB 198205     Date Posted: 2016-06-29
    Works alongside geologists and other engineers.
    Locates and appraises ore deposits.
    Solves problems and obstacles related to land reclamation and water and air pollution.
    Ensures workers are practicing safe extraction methods.
    Inspects surfaces of walls and roofs for cracks.
    Monitors air quality.
    Examines mining equipment for compliance with safety practices.
    Determines if ore deposits can be mined for profit.
    Studies maps and waterways.
    Plans and directs mining operations.
    Decides where to dig pits for surface mining.
    Designs equipment used to excavate mines.
    Designs equipment that cuts and carves out rocks and coal.
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  • Blast Engineer
    Job Role: Years of Experiance: Location:
    Ref: JB 198206     Date Posted: 2016-06-29
    Blast Engineer (with background as in Mining, Mechanical, Civil Engineer or an experienced Technician)


    Good understanding of the Drill & Blast Management of an open cast operation.
    Responsible for carrying out all departmental functions including short term mine design and scheduling, project analysis, ore control, reconciliation, geotechnical data acquisition, mining engineering systems analysis and design, and preparation of reports.
    Good understanding of how the Drill and Blast operation fits in with the mine planning and sequencing.
    Monitors and interprets signature shots for vibration analysis and develops a controlled blasting program to minimize damage to infrastructure.
    Understands the effects of fragmentation in downstream processes and understand the impacts of pattern/shot design on total drill and blasting costs.
    Understands burden/spacing relationships and their applications in which to optimize total pattern design, explosives and fragmentation with respect to ground conditions.
    Development of Drill & Blast designs.
    Ensuring a safe working environment at all times.
    Developing & initiating continuous improvement projects.
    Ensures that holes are drilled to current plan, to the correct pattern, depth and inclination to achieve the desired blast results.
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  • Operation Manager Engineer
    Job Role: Years of Experiance: Location:
    Ref: JB 198207     Date Posted: 2016-06-29
    Manages and controls mining activity to achieve economic targets as planned.
    Manages and controls standards of safety and environmental behavior and performance. 
    Actively manages contractor relationships to optimize performance, reliability and cost. 
    Manages other key external relationships as required, including the Mining Authorities. 
    Ensures that an appropriate team structure is in place to deliver optimal performance in the mine. 
    Manages/facilitates all mine-related projects as appropriate.
    Ensures adherence to policies, standards and procedures in all areas of operations. 
    Manages and controls OPEX and CAPEX in accordance with approved plans. 
    Delivers ROM tons and grades as in accordance with the annual plan and budget, and delivers waste stripping as per budget. 
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