Core-Mining is your Success Partner


  • Aveng Mining

    Aveng Mining’s, experience spans a broad range of commodities and it has worked successfully in remote and difficult locations. Aveng Mining offers specialised services to the industry, from turnkey solutions in design and process, to shaft sinking, underground development, contract mining and surface mining, and construction of mine infrastructure. Aveng Mining has Two subsidiary that support Core Mining.

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    Mohammed Ali Al Swailem Group (MASCO) is a Saudi joint stock company with 550 million paid capital MASCO Owens Core Mining along with Aveng Mining. MASCO had been involved in the national industry field beside construction activities. MASCO had established water purification industry that covered most of areas of the Kingdom. Steel molds die industries; food processing and electrical and telecommunication cables industry were presenting MASCO major industrial activities. Masco industrial products were produced in according with Saudi standards as well as other industrial standards, health requirements and all related environmental standard requirement. MASCO currently has changed its legal status to joint stock Company to be strong and stable in facing the current challenges facing family business in case of succession.